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Jewels Majorica

Jewels Majorica

    MAJORICA since 1890: the art of creating jewellery and the world’s only organic pearls
    In 1890, on the Spanish island of Majorca, MAJORICA invented the unique and delicate production process of organic pearls, which mirrors that of cultured pearls.

    The MAJORICA pearl is made of an opaline crystal nucleus coated in multiple fine layers with the “pearl essence”, an extract obtained from the Majorica secret processing technique of natural organic elements of the Mediterranean Sea. Its complex formula reproduces the iridescence, beauty, resistance and perfection of the finest natural pearls.

    After being polished and hand-selected one by one, the MAJORICA pearl is specially treated to protect it from external aggressions such as perfume, and shocks, achieving unique levels of quality and resistance. All MAJORICA pearls have a 10-year warranty.

    MAJORICA, the quality of a craftsmanship jeweler

    Jewels designed and assembled by Majorica are made of 925 sterling silver or 18-karat gold. Pearls are double knotted by hand.

    MAJORICA is today present in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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    Reject Majorica Imitations

    As a result of the exceptional international reputation of MAJORICA (pronounced “Mah-jo-ri-ka” in English) and the similarity of its name to the island of Mallorca (where the MAJORICA factory is located), many imitators sell jewels and pearls of lower price and much lower quality under names such as Majorca, Majorque and Mallorca.

    Our trade name is registered internationally and we take legal action against all imitation products, in order to save customers from deceit.

    For absolute reassurance with regards to the value and authenticity of your purchase, always check the following when buying a MAJORICA jewel:

    – You are given the jewels in their distinctive Majorica case.

    – The jewel has an individually numbered quality-control label.

    – The official agent provides you with the MAJORICA International Warranty Certificate.

    Only then can you be completely sure that you have acquired a MAJORICA jewel.

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